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2020: A Brand Odyssey

By Greg Ness | October 29th, 2020

A recent experience with a national brand left me wondering about the future of “business as usual” in an economy of continuously rising expectations. Our water softener service experience exposed a hard reality: those who underestimate the power of digital transformation will retain fewer customers and lose more than their digital-savvy peers. I’m realizing the potential for a dozen or so forward-thinking, data-driven agencies empowered with seamless Digital Concierge Platforms to re-engineer customer experiences for thousands of brands… and tens of millions of their customers.

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Building Personalized Journeys at Digital Scale

By Greg Ness | October 23rd, 2020

Personalization is hard, even for tech giants with massive product development budgets. So how does a mid-sized company or agency easily build omnichannel personalized journeys at scale? You need a Digital Concierge Platform purpose-built to engage individuals at scale.

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Digital Engagement and the Technical Debt Dilemma

By Greg Ness | October 16th, 2020

Many organizations rely upon cobbled digital engagement platforms loaded with technical debt. The time and resources required to keep them running can be as costly as the platforms themselves and even undermine audience engagement. Keeping up with the advances in personalization delivered by the likes of Facebook, Google and TikTok is virtually impossible. The moral of the story: as digital engagement technology advances with new levels of personalization, the cobbled platforms fall further behind.

So Maybe it’s time to approach digital engagement differently, with a purpose-built digital concierge platform?

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