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Next Gen Digital Engagement will be Purpose-built for the Mobile Era

By Greg Ness | January 10th, 2021

Most digital engagement hubs, systems and platforms were built pre-mobile to send email with links to static webpages and forms or surveys. They’re complex, support-heavy and cumbersome. Campaigns can take weeks or even months to set up, and often depend upon IT or external vendor support teams. Customer tastes have shifted to mobile and want more personalization. Every marketer I’ve spoken with who does mobile sees much higher engagement rates than email. Underneath the surface there is an even bigger story, and that is the widening gap behind the promise of digital transformation and the actual capabilities of these “transformed” legacy hubs.

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The Way Forward: Digital Transformation… or Revolution?

By Greg Ness | December 1st, 2020

Digital transformation projects often stall, and for a variety of reasons. Per a recent McKinsey survey, confusion and complexity top the list of challenges. Why? Maybe it’s too costly and complicated for disparate teams to transform years of technical debt into digital success. If so, could the traditional marketing platform/hub leaders be pointing us in the wrong direction? As we wrap up 2020 and look ahead to 2021, it’s time to think beyond digital transformation to a faster, more abrupt and customer-focused digital revolution, taking us from the costs of kluge to the speed and cost benefits of purpose-built omnichannel platforms.

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Digital Acceleration

By Greg Ness | November 21st, 2020

Consumers are shifting to digital technologies at an accelerated pace. Yet organizations investing in digital transformation have had mixed results. A recent McKinsey survey indicates many projects have been stalled in pilot phases. So how do brands, from health care to travel and real estate, win the battle for improved consumer digital experience? For many organizations without the resources (or with highly fragmented teams) the answer will be to deploy purpose-built platforms that don’t require specialized (IT) skills and can be deployed quickly, enabling deep digital personalization at scale.

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